Being forgetful

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 0 comments
I have seen so many of my friends often complained about their memory power. Do you feel this way? I hope every one of us has come through this circumstance.Human life is a combination of happiness and sadness.  Despite, we like to dwell about the things which give sadness rather than happiness. Sometimes I wonder is it the fate of human life?  or we are really interested to find a reason to worry .  

It's hard to see people who consider happiness over sadness. I believe in our life, the source of happiness is abundant. Though most of us likes to fuss about the things  that are already happened and we can't change it anymore. In that case, our well-wishers and friends often suggested that time is the only solution for all the turbulent times in our life. 

Even I consoled my friends and said time will rectify your worries. Sometimes I wondered and doubted "How will time help us?". I thought they said like that for the sake of comfortability". Lately I have raised a weird question 

" What is the impact of time in human's problems?"  

Then, I found an answer of my question, it's simple, being forgetful is the answer for my question.

 I was surprised and asked myself "How is it possible?".  Time is the responsible factor  to forget those things which shade our happiness. It will increase moments of happiness in our life. As I said earlier, Life is a combination of happiness and sadness,  where areas forgetfulness will sort out traces of sadness.  

On the other hand, I perplexed, we may forget about the moments of happiness as a matter of time. Since we don't allow ourselves to remember our joyful moments, then how come we will forget it? It's always in our mind just like a unripened fruit, we have to ripen the periods of happiness in order to savour it. Someday our mind will be full of happiness. That day you may think like " Being forgetful is one of  the reason for happiness in human life".


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