Beauty is not about someone's look!

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Whenever any one of my friends question about "Beauty" or "talking about beauty". Intrudingly, I stop them each and every time by this phrase , 

Beauty is not about someone's look but how they make us feel

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Most of the times, they were mocking  me and said "That's impossible, perhaps phrase is sweet to listen". I nodded in response with a thought on my mind "Probably they are right". However, people so far I have been crossed in my life valued someone's look as well as wealth, there are few exceptional cases too. There are few people who really considered "deeds" rather than "How they look?". I don't remember when I said someone is ugly, but I don't forget to praise about their beauty. Normally, I don't give comment about looks.  May be I liked them. I haven't experienced anything related to that phrase until before fortnight.

Lately, I had an opportunity to see one of  my friends, at that time we weren't on good term but we had maintained good friendship till before a year. Many times I had said, that person is looking good and exaggerated little bit. On that day, I noticed something different within myself and perplexed, be cause that person was no more beautiful. I was asking myself  " Isn't that person beautiful? If yes, but why?", "Though I still like that person, but I didn't find beautiful". Soon I remembered my favourite phrase and muttered  "This is what that person makes me to feel". As I like I read somwehere

The best part of beauty is that which no one's look can express it

 I understood and experienced "what is beauty?"


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