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Hello! Whenever I pronounce this word, as soon as I start to think about my favourite song "Hello by Lionel Ritchie". Don't worry, I'm not going to sing this time, but here I'm saying "Hello" for my new blog.

It's my longtime wish to create a personal blog apart form writing, nothing but to share my hidden thoughts, ruminations, personal views, random activities and my ideas in another dimension from the existing thing. Finally, it's the day,  My wish comes alive with the blog titled as "The Wilful's Musing". After a very long time thinking,  I'm quite satisfied by this title with a description as "Thoughts behind my eyes", but initially it was "Behind my eyes".
Interestingly, When I type "Hello" I remember one of my favourite quotes by Paulo Coelho,

If you're brave enough to say "good bye," life will reward you with a new "hello". 

That quote is really mean to everyone at various circumstance. At this present scenario I just don't wanna say "good bye" but I wanna say "Hello" :)


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