Another day of travelling!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 0 comments
I saw a guy who was sitting near window seat. He called me and offered the place next to his seat since we boarded on a same bus before he saw me here. I started to look at him. He was not a student. He did not have innate talents. He was not a scholar, though he was not an adult too. I was trying to talk with him. Every time, he reluctantly answered me. I persuaded him jovially to answer me. I easily predicted most of his answers were lie. Without any complacent, he lied to me again and again. I was saying myself "Chap! I like the way you lie". 

Despite I didn't hate him, I was pursuing his words all the way carefully. Eventually I found he was trying to hide something. Though I admired his smartness in every lie. He started to ask me some question and I was replying like the was he answered me. He had no aim, no idea about life. His life was so simple but I felt the happiness in his eyes. It was something like 
"Happiness is wanting what we get"

 Subsequently I was jealous about him until I came to know "He is a child labour"


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